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What is Shikshya-Dikshya

‘Shikshya-Dikshya’ is an online 100 sec show, where a deserving candidate with financial difficulty gets help from a donor to move ahead in life. Thats it.

Why this name

‘Shikshya’ means education and ‘Dikshya’ means enlightening someone. Also, this project is a tribute to someone who came to my life when i was in the worst phase of my life. That person uplifted my life and made me who i am today. I owe my happiness and success to that person. Thank you.

Why am i doing this

Three things have had biggest impact in my life. They have completely changed my life; Education, House and Mental Health

To be honest, life could have been different if they had not kicked me hard. But they did. So i decided, i am going to help others who might be affected by same problem.

So whats my goal

Its simple, to help ;

Education of Housing of Mental Health of
1000 people - with donors 1000 people - with donors 1000 people - with donors
100 people- with my own income 100 people - with my own income 100 people - with my own income

Whats the format

At least a month before the show date, a communication is started with donors to find what kind of person they would like to help and what kind of help. Then, we search for the people who need help (and match the profile as requested by donors). Now, we forward the receivers profile to donors and get their confirmation. Once, we receive the confirmation; BOOM - we shoot video, provide help to receiver, release the video and update every detail about the process in website. But it does not end here, receivers are required to provide update for a year (in 3 months interval). This is to ensure, the ‘help’ received is used for the right purpose.

How to i get Donors

I just talk to people i know.

How to i find candidate

i post in social media about what kind of ‘candidate’ donors have requested for. and people can let me know about candidate via candidate nomination form