Kshitij Raj Lohani

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Who am I ?

Even I don't know who I am till now. But from being rusticated @ grade 6 to getting Full ride scholarship at Northeastern University to being depressed and suicide attempt to being a software engineer currently at Apple's iPhone team; life has been amazing. Check 'About me' for long answer :)

Latest News

  • Started loan program to help Nepalese student pay rent affected by covid-19
  • Started teaching free python course for 1800 Nepalese through krinjal learning
  • came out in public with my past depression and suicidal stuff through video
  • paid school fees of 33 poor kids in Nepal setopati interview
  • started campaign maauchuhai challenge for Visit Nepal 2020
  • in news 'एप्पलका इन्जिनियर नेपाली युवा अमेरिकामा विश्वका युवा सहभागी सम्मेलनमा विशेष वक्ता'
  • published article 'अमेरिकामा नेपाली भाडा मात्रै माँझ्छन् त ?'
  • launched first episode of Shikshya-Dikshya