National Youth Award

By: Government Of Nepal

National Youth Award is the biggest award granted by the Government of Nepal to any Nepali youth for their contribution in the field of their expertise.

Distinguished Speaker

By: UN’s youth assembly

Provided with the titled ‘Distinguished speaker’ for the session that i hosted on the topic ‘how can non-techies use Artificial Intelligence to create an impact’

National Memroziation record

By: National Academy of Science & Technology(an autonomous apex body of the Government of Nepal to promote science and technology in Nepal)

Set a national memory record by memorizing 125 random objects by hearing them only once. The event took place in the same room as 100+ audience. The event was inspected/administered and approved by Late Dr. Prof.Dayanand Bajracharya; then vice-chancellor of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology.

Trustee Scholarship (Full ride)

By: Northeastern University, Boston MA, USA

Received the prestigious ‘Trustee scholarship’; full-ride scholarship (covered tuition, food, and room) to complete Bachelor of Engineering in computer science (HONS).

World top-10 in idea competition 

By: UN youth assembly

Finalist in the worldwide idea pitch competition. I presented my idea about ‘Use of technology to promote Mental, Emotional and Sex education amount 8 to 21 years old youths’.

Special Achievement Honor

By: Non-resident Nepali Association

Felicitated with ‘Special Achievement honor’ for the social work done to uplift the Nepali community; inside and outside the country.

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